Maximum Options for Creating Balance: the New DIRAK Leveling Foot

01 Requirements

When setting up large machines, an uneven floor can pose as a large challenge. Many manufacturing machines require precise leveling to operate properly. Additionally, it’s quite common for different leveling feet to be required depending on the specific application’s factors related to the machine (size, weight, build tolerances, etc.) and the floor itself (surface type, slope, etc.). This can often lead to a large variety of leveling feet sourced by a single manufacturer or end user.

Our solution: with the new DIRAK Leveling Foot, we offer you a product that is not only functional but also features a flexible design. The modular design makes it possible to determine the length of the threading yourself, by using a standard hex bolt (DIN 933 / ISO 4017). This advanced innovation promotes not only improved storage capacity, but also a wide range of variants – with just one product.

Georg Hübner, Senior Product Trainer

02 Product advantages

An effective result

The meticulously engineered design of the DIRAK Leveling Foot makes it possible to use a standard M8 hex bolt DIN 933 / ISO 4017 – where the length can be determined by the application itself. This option offers the special advantage of covering all necessary variants with just one product, thus optimizing inventory by reducing the number of leveling feet that need to be stocked.

A groundbreaking new way to create balance.

Quick and easy to assemble
  1. The hex bolt (1), the nut (2) and the sleeve (3) form the ball joint (4) and can be put together easily and tool-less “clicking” into the base-plate (5). An inclination angle of +/- 25° ensures optimum contact with the floor.
  2. The installation height can be precisely adjusted, with minimal effort using a standard 13mm wrench. The limits on the installed height are based on the hex bolt paired with the Leveling Foot.
  1. Our design uses a larger than normal ball that increases the area of contact between the components of the Leveling Foot, and thus the force that can be absorbed by the product.
  2. The force is directed downward, not to the sides, thanks to a unique design of the base plate—preventing the plate from breaking due to horizonal load.
  3. The base plate of the DIRAK Leveling Foot can be designed smaller relative to the load. This space-saving method makes it possible to mount the Leveling Foot closer to the edge of products, which is especially advantageous for housings that stand next to each other.
  4. The PA plate provides a firm, stable base. Customers can choose between two sizes to better fit their applications.
  5. To prevent the Leveling Foot from slipping, we recommend the optional anti-slip insert (6). It also absorbs vibrations and protects the floor against abrasion.

03 Application areas

DIRAK’s new Leveling Foot offers an optimal solution for a wide range of applications.

04 Dimensions


Plate, sleeve and ball joint: PA 6

Anti-slip insert: NBR


The “Static Load Capacity in kN” values given in the table below  are based on simple compressive loads, perpendicular to the Leveling Foot. The additional bending and buckling stresses that frequently occur in practice can lead to reduced load-bearing capacity of the bolt and must be considered in any final design.

05 Order options

Leveling Foot

Product system Part number Version plate Thread Key-width (SW) Static load capacity in kN Packaging unit Link
6-008 a) 580-9008.00-00000 Ø 30mm M8 13mm 7.5 100 pcs.
6-008 b) 580-9007.00-00000 Ø 40mm M8 13mm 7.5 100 pcs.

Specific accessories

Product system   Part number Name Version Packaging unit
6-008 c) 209-4304.00-00000 Anti-slip insert for Leveling Foot Ø 30mm 100 pcs.
6-008 d) 209-4303.00-00000 Anti-slip insert for Leveling Foot Ø 40mm 100 pcs.

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