Resist Pressure for a Safe Environment:
the Pressure-Tight System and the 90° Redirect

01 Requirements

“If a hazardous situation arises due to overpressure, for example because of an internal arc, it must be ensured that a housing does not open uncontrollably and cause damage to the surrounding area. Resilient and reliable components are the only way to ensure safety, protection and functionality.

Our solution: with the specially secured Pressure-Tight System and space-saving 90° redirect for flat rods, DIRAK offers a latching system that was designed for these challenges.”

Thorsten Küster, Research and Development

02 Pressure-Tight System

Reliably safe

The new Pressure-Tight System from DIRAK offers reliable safety for installation on a flat rod through the use of 2 set screws.

  1. set screw = pre-fixing
  2. set screw = screw connection at a 45° angle provides the definitive fixing on the flat rod

The advantage: pre-fixing with the 1. set screw makes it possible to position the fitting correctly on the flat rod. When the 2. set screw is screwed in, part of the thread is screwed into the flat rod, which fixes the fitting in place definitively. There is positive-locking between the fitting and the flat rod.
This makes unintentional release impossible.

Stay flexible

Determine the number of latching points based on need and requirement.

Due to the symmetrical structure of the Pressure-Tight System, the assembly of the locking pin (3.) can be selected independently of direction.

03 Redirect

“Thinking around the corner”

The 90° redirect for use with flat rods can be installed even with limited space conditions due to its flat design.

The fastening option is on an M6 stud with sleeve nut (included with delivery).

Saves time

The rectangular bar mount allows for quick assembly, simply by attaching the flat rod at a 45° angle.

Reliable latching

The redirect transfers the entire 24mm stroke of the rod latch. Therefore the locking pin can drive deep and comfortable into the frame-part eye respectively the u-bracket and ensures a safe and reliable locking.

04 A Strong Team

The new 90° Redirect in combination with the new Pressure-Tight System is the perfect solution for securing housing doors variably and reliably.

Due to the reduced design and use of flat rods, assembly is even possible on the outer edge of the door. That makes it possible to lock even large and heavy housing doors reliably and uniformly.

Did you know? The 90° Redirect can also be combined with conventional rod latches which use a double hook for latching.

05 Application Areas

Reliable and suitable for universal applications, the Pressure-Tight System with 90° Redirect for multi-point locking systems can be adapted to a wide range of different applications.

06 Dimensions 1-451


Connector: zinc die, untreated
Set screws, locking pin, serrated lock washer and hexagon nut: steel, zink plated
U-bracket: steel, untreated


a) Pressure-Tight System
b) Frame-part eye weld-on
c) Frame-part eye screw-on
d) Rod latch
e) Redirect
f) Flat rod

07 Order Options 1-451

Pressure-Tight System FS

Product system Part number Rod type Installation type Link
1-451 215-9201.00-00000 Flat rod Screw-on

Specific accessories

Part number Rod type Installation type Link
215-0213.00-00000 Frame-part eye Weld-on
215-0406.00-00000 Frame-part eye, M10 thread Screw-on

08 Dimensions 3-166


Redirect: zinc die, zinc plated
Sleeve nut: steel, zinc plated
Spring plate: AISI 304


  1. Stroke 24mm
  2. Fastening to locking pin M6. Sleeve nut included with delivery.

09 Order Options 3-166

90° Redirect FS

Product system Part number Rod type Stroke Installation type Link
3-166 208-9932.00-00000 Flat rod 24 mm Screw-on


Product system Part number* Name
Version Installation type Link
3-171 208-9844.00-Lxxmm Flat rod with rollers Screw-on

*Price and delivery time on request


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