Always a secure and conductive connection: The DIRAK grounding nut

01 Requirements

“An electrically conductive connection that provides reliable contact between metal sheets is indispensable in application areas including server and network cabinets, switch cabinet and mechanical engineering. It also presents a development challenge to the corresponding manufacturers.

Our solution: the DIRAK grounding cage nut as a pioneering extension for the well known DIRAK cage nut – successfully tested to DIN EN 61439-1 (VDE 0660 part 600):2012:06, it offers a reliable electrically conductive connection at all times.

Dieter Ramsauer

02 Product advantages


  • Certified: successfully tested by VDE according DIN EN 611439-1 (VDE 0660 part 600):2012:06 Low Voltage Switchgear Combinations section 10.5.2 “Continuity of the Connection between Elements of the Switchgear Combination and the Protective Ground Circuit“.
  • Solid: the grounding nut is vibration-proof
  • Perfect fit: protruding square ensures that the cage fits securely and precisely in the cutout
  • Anti-rotation protection: twisting is not possible during installation or later during removal, as for example the well known risk with riveting nuts, because the grounding nut is embedded in the protruding square of the cage
  • Double symmetrical: grounding teeth on both sides ensure a reliable connection independent of the film thickness and prevent incorrect installation between 50 and 170 µm


  • Standardized: cutout of the grounding cage nut ▢ 9.2 and ▢ 9.5
  • Tool-less: the grounding cage nut can be installed easily by hand
  • Flexible: can be installed in the cutout from the front as well as from behind
  • Reduced: because no tools or additional setting operations are needed, there are fewer working steps and installation is faster
  • No damage: cage made of PA is easy to install without damaging the frame
  • Simple: movable grounding nut makes it possible to tighten the screws without tilting
  • Variable: clamping range from 1.0 to 4.0 mm


  • Durable: suitable for high tightening torques and high tensile forces from 3 to 8 Nm
  • Axially movable: maximum stability and connection through axial guiding of the grounding nut in the cage

03 Application areas

For server and network cabinets, in mechanical or plant engineering as well as sheet-metal fabrication: the grounding cage nut provides the perfect solution for more safety, convenience and flexibility.

04 Dimensions / ordering options

Cage: PA, black
Grounding nut: steel, zinc plated


1.) Cutout □ 9.5 mm installation from the front as well as from behind
2.) Cutout □ 9.2 mm installation only from behind
3.) Blind installation from the front: Press the cage with the grounding nut installed diagonally into the cutout, rotate 45° and press flush mounted into the cutout
4.) Installation from behind: Guide the head of the cage through the installation opening and attach it
5.) Installed
6.) Screwed
7.) Tightening the grounding nut interlocks the lower and upper sheet, while the coating of the sheet is penetrated by the grounding teeth of the grounding nut
(S) = Clamping range 1 – 4 mm
Cage and grounding nut packed in bulk
Configure the cage a) with the grounding nut b)

The contact points must be designed in such a way that the contact pressure is not transferred via the PA cage.

Product system Description Clamping range (S) Material Surface Packaging unit Part number Link
6-046 Cage for nuts 1 – 4 mm PA black 2000 pcs. 203-1901.06-00095
6-046 Grounding nut M6 steel zinc plated, white 2000 pcs. 203-1904.15-00006

Specific packaging units on request.


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    DIRAK Dieter Ramsauer
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    Fax: +49 (0) 2333 / 837-103

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